We are a research group in the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines, Diliman (NIP-UPD). Founded in 2016, our overarching goal is to better understand gravity (and physical geometry, more generally) in all its facets, from Solar System scales to the vast reaches of the cosmos. We ponder questions in relativistic astrophysics, black hole physics, celestial dynamics, theoretical cosmology, and gravitational wave science. In 2023, we became a founding member of the GANAP (Gravity, Astronomy, Nuclear and Particle Physics) Research Program of NIP-UPD.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from DOST-NAST, OVPAA, and OVCRD that continue to enable our research adventures.


11 January 2024

Luis successfully defends his BS theses on magnetized anisotropic stars. Job well done, Luis!

26 Dec 2023

New EPJC publication by Sean and Ian on Bernstein spectral methods for eigenvalue problems (See paper).

24 August 2023

John Carlo successfully defends his PhD Candidacy Exam on oscillations of thin accretion disks. Congratulations!

27 June 2023

Jhon Delo Procurato becomes a PhD Candidate after successfully defending his PhD Candidacy Exam on beyond-geometric-optics effects in curved spacetime. Congratulations!

19-22 June 2023

Abi, Ced, Ged, and Luke successfully defend their BS theses. Luke is awarded Most Outstanding BS Physics Thesis! Congratulations!

20 Dec 2022

New EPJC publication by CJ, Reggie, and Ian on constraining time-delayed cosmology (See paper)

17 Nov 2022

New PRE publication by Karlo and Ian on geometric thermodynamics and the Ruppeiner geometry of fluids (See paper)

19 Oct 2022

New PRD publication by Sean and Ian on electronmagnetic quasinormal modes in SadS black holes (See paper).

10 August 2022

Val successfully defends his MS thesis on gravitational-wave-induced oscillations of a viscoelastic sphere! Congratulations Master Balagon!

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