We are a subgroup of the Theoretical Physics Group of the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines, Diliman. Founded in 2016, our over-arching goal has been to better understand gravity in all its facets, from Solar System scales to the vast distances of the cosmos. We puzzle over fascinating questions in relativistic astrophysics, black hole physics, celestial dynamics, theoretical cosmology, and gravitational wave science, and try to gain insight using a variety of analytical and numerical tools.

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from DOST-NAST, OVPAA, and OVCRD that continue to enable our research adventures.


24 June 2020

C.J. Palpal-latoc is one of the few selected to the highly competitive MPKNN Science Communication Workshop. Congratulations CJ!

7 June 2020

ABS-CBN spotlight on Reggie.

6 June 2020

Special feature on Reggie by Davao Today .

22 May 2020

Reggie successfully defends his PhD! Congratulations Dr. Bernardo!

13 March 2020

Preprint by Sean and Ian on Bernstein spectral methods for quasinormal modes (See paper).

16 January 2020

New PRD publication by Reggie, John and Ian on stealth black holes (See paper).

30 November 2019

NIP Gravity members head to Taipei to attend APTCP Workshop on Gravitational Wave Cosmology.

11 July 2019

Ian is 2019 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist for Physics (UP announcement).

14 June 2019

Karlo de Leon (BS Physics, Summa Cum Laude) is awarded the 2019 Leticia Shahani Award for Best Physics Thesis and the 2019 Joker Arroyo Award for Outstanding BS Physics Graduate. Congratulations, Karlo!

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